Rap Workshop Samples & Examples

Below is a Music Kit Demonstration Workshop at a Local School:

Below is a Sample of Lyrics written by Students of St. Elfod School in Abergele:

We are writing a rhyme about living in Wales

Come and visit us on train tracks and rails

Come and see our dragons with pointy tails

Come and listen to all our Welsh tales

Football and Welsh rugby are a joy to see

You can have an ice-cream by the sea

The daffodil is the national Welsh flower

Everyone is equal in their power

Welcome to Wales – see what we have in store for you

Welcome to Wales – we have lots of hay bales for you

Don’t forget about our Welsh Language

Some rugby players need a bandage

Come try our delicious Caerphilly sandwich

It’s as distinct as the Welsh sign language


Wales, rails, pointy tails

Wales, rails, pointy tails

Rugby games, so much fun

When you see the players run.

Repeat Chorus Twice.

Here’s an Audio Sample of a Rap written by pupils of Ysgol Glan Aber about Super-Heroes who fight Racism below:

I had the privilege of featuring at Youth-Shedz Abergele for a Workshop on the 15th of October and we wrote a rap about Family, a Young person produced the music with the help of a Youth Worker and the vocals features me (Joey.G) Rapping and a Youth Worker called Sarah Hockley on Vocals. Here it is below: